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Orfit Dry Heater


Orfit Dry Heating Device to activate thermoplastic splint material.

Instructions for use


  • Mobile and small device.
  • Compatible with different electrical grids.
  • Safe to use.
  • Quick activation.
  • No water necessary. All you need is a power plug.
  • Short warming up time and very quick set-up.
  • Can be used for various thermoplastic sheet materials and precuts.
  • Thermoplastic splint material cools down more slowly when dry heated resulting in a longer moulding time.
  • Hygienic as the Teflon sheet can easily be disinfected with an anti-bacterial spray or soap.
  • Talcum powder can be used to reduce the stickiness of the activated splint material if desired or necessary.

How it works and looks

  • Space-saving and portable device that doesn’t need a large table or big room to operate.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easy to transport and take with you on the move towards patient’s home when he or she is not able or mobile enough to come to the therapist’s practice or hospital.
  • Easy and efficient application in the rehabilitation field to create individual IMF splints.
  • Instantly ready to use, no need to wait for a long time until the device is at the right temperature.
  • Short wait for the thermoplastic material to be activated.
  • Longer moulding time compared to activation of the splint material in hot water.
  • Automatic shut down after 10 minutes.
  • Flat layering position of the thermoplastic material (not free floating in water) results in less risk of accidental self-adhesive stickiness while activating.
  • The use of a heat gun is recommended to make adaptations or corrections to the splint afterwards.
  • As there is no water involved there will be less risk of contamination.
  • Dry heater and Teflon sheet demand very minimal maintenance.