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Dynasyst – Dynamic Splinting

Dynasyst is our unique and innovative method of attaching outriggers to mobilization orthoses.

Mobilization orthoses are easily and accurately adjusted with our unique Orfitube system. Orfitubes are easy to bend into shape, and easily cut to length. Orthoses made with Dynasyst components are extremely supportive and aesthetically pleasing.




  • Lightweight outrigger attachments.
  • Patient pleasing aesthetic appearance.
  • Low profile design.
  • Large choice between Orfitubes and joint spring coils.
  • Fast and easy fabrication of outrigger attachments.
  • Can be securely attachmed to any orthosis.

How it works and looks

  • Increased patient comfort and compliance to protocol.
  • Spring coils allow to have access to the lateral sides of the joints. Crossbar systems allow to create perpendicular traction force on the involved segment.
  • Orfitube adjusters allow for easy and correct alignment of finger loops. Easy to adjust angles.
  • Simplified adjustment and re-adjustment of correct angles of alignment and applied forces.
  • Reduction of fabrication time.

Recommended applications 

  • Mobilization orthoses: dynamic and evolutionary systems, for example: post-operative splints after tendon surgery or to recover range of motion.
  • Allows to respect prescribed rehabilitation protocol and wearing schedule.
  • Improves the quality of patient care and speed recovery.
  • Ensures the functional aspects of the orthoses.
  • Especially recommended for fabrication of postural orthoses.






                          Orfitube adjuster kit
                          Contains: 10 tubes of 330 mm (13″) long. 3 different types of elastic thread with different degrees of elastic strength.
                          Orfitube ends
                          20 pcs. Chromium-plated tube ends, fit on all Orfitubes, reducing rubbing of the elastic thread with the tube edge.
                          Kit single Orfitube adjuster
                          The single Orfitube adjuster puts you in full control of longitudinal and lateral position of Orfitubes.
                         Elastic thread
                         Spool of 10 m (394″). Stretchability: at least 200 %. No ageing after 6 weeks maximum stretching.
                         Orfitubes + bending wires
                         10 tubes of 330 mm (13″) long, incl. 2 bending wires.
                         Polyester monofilament thread
                         Spool of 75 m (2953″). Used to increase the gliding of the elastic thread in the Orfitube.
                         Single Orfitube adjuster + Allen wrench
                         5 single Orfitube adjusters + 1 Allen wrench.
                         Orfitube bending tool
                         For easy bending of the strong Orfitubes without stress on the thumbs.
                         Finger coil spring
                         10 pcs. Stainless steel spring. The short leg is bent and anchored in the dorsal bridge of the splint.
                         Wrist extension coil spring
                         10 pcs : 5 left + 5 right. Stainless steel spring. Torque force when tightened over an angle of 130°.
                         Knuckle bender coil spring
                         10 pcs. Stainless steel spring. Designed to assist the intrinsic muscle weakness, e.g. with ulnar nerve palsy.
                         Radial wrist extension splint
                         Radial nerve patients need two strong assisting extension coils. When recovering, the coils help to rebalance muscle power.
                         Stainless steel spring wire
                         For making your own coil springs and outriggers. Length : 15 m (591″) Thickness : 1 mm (1/24″).
                         Finger extension assist
                         10 pcs. Stainless steel spring. The short leg is secured between two layers of Orfit Classic.