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The most advanced wireless synchromyography device for dynamic muscular activity analysis

               BTS FREEEMG represents a generational leap in surface electromyography technology (synchromyography).
               The complete elimination of wires, the weight and size reduction of its probes allow any type of movement analysis for any part of the body, without interfering,
               not even slightly, with the analyzed subject’s movement.

               Its record in miniaturization, its on-board backup integrated memory for collected data and long battery life are some of the features making BTS FREEEMG                                      synchromyography the most advanced device today on the market.

               How it works:

                     The preparation of the subject is very quick: the probes are attached to common pre-gelled electrodes by using clips, there’s no need to use tape which
                     could interfere with movement freedom; the electrodes amplify the signal and transfer the data to a portable device which displays them in real time.
                     The system processes the collected data by comparing it to a series of predefined models for the evaluation of muscular activity during specific tasks.

                    BTS FREEEMG is the answer to the needs of clinical practitioners and researchers, supplying a reliable and easy to set up tool which they can use in different

                    BTS FREEEMG is recommended for the evaluation of:
                    1- orthopedic and neurological dysfunctions.
                    2- pharmacological therapies.
                    3- evolution of motor deficit.
                    4- use of orthesis.
                    5- rehab follow-up.
                    6- sports movements optimization.