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BTS P-6000


The very first digital modular floor for the jumping, walking and running strength analysis.

                 BTS P-6000 is a modular sensory floor which measures ground reaction forces throughout its surface, allowing a deep analysis of a subject’s static postural condition
                 and dynamic postural condition.
                 The subject can move freely on BTS-P6000 and any contact to floor is used for the dynamic analysis of movement.
                 This feature makes it an essential, one of a kind tool for the diagnosis and comprehension of complex conditions suffered
                 by patients with severe neuro-motor dysfunctions.
                 It can also be used for the performance of biofeedback training for posture and for maximizing sports professionals’ athletic performance.

BTS P-6000 is a highly reliable, accurate and versatile system and it replaces all the other traditional analog platforms.


               How it works:
                 BTS P-6000 is a high performance force platform, it’s fully digital and equipped with twelve sensors (transducers) for each platform which break force into its
                 different components and perform an accurate, high-frequency analysis.
                 By adding optional video cameras (up to four) it’s possible to watch and record the subject from different angles, give a superimposed representation (augmented
                 reality) of direction and intensity of force vectors: knowledge about the direction of reactive force in relation to the joints allows the evaluation of functional
                 overload, injury prevention, the detection of possible load assymetries, and the adoption of the most successful rehabilitation therapy.

                BTS P-6000 is highly recommended in order to:
                choose and validate orthosis and prosthesis;
               1- analyze load symmetry and plan medication or surgery treatments in orthopedics
               2- perform postural evaluations and/or neurological investigations (stabilometric)
               3- consider postural re-education therapy
               4- prevent injuries and enhance sports performance
               BTS P-6000 Industrial:

                This version of the platform measures ground reaction forces throughout its surface, allowing the impact evaluations of robotic machine or small material
                handling machinery.