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           Fourth generation high precision optoelectronic systems setting new standards for innovative motion analysis.

                  With SMART-DX, BTS offers researchers and doctors a new set of high definition systems improving their investigation ability.
                  The systems feature extreme calculation power and exceptional versatility and they are able to satisfy any need of analysis, even in critical conditions.
                  Each version uses last generation video cameras featuring high sensibility sensors and strobes with an innovative and functional design
                  as well as a strong power of irradiation. All of these features combined with the high resolution video camera (up to 4 Megapixels)
                  make this device capable of capturing very rapid and imperceptible movements and finally, increase work volumes.

             This evolutionary leap in the progress of multi-factorial motion analysis is made even more accurate, supplemented, fast and productive by BTS SMART-DX.

                BTS SMART-DX TVCs
                BTS SMART-DX supplements, synchronizes and manages all kinematic, kinetic, electromyographic and video data originated by its connected systems.
                The integrated BTS SMART-Analyzer software enables us to create customized calculation protocols for complete motion analysis through an innovative API
                based on visual operator.
                All graphic and multimedia reports can be designed according to specific needs and can be printed, exported and shared on line.
                Main features:
                 1- High frequency acquisition up to 2000Hz.
                 2- Resolution up to 2048×2048 pixels.
                 3- Automatic marker identification.
                 4- Quick calibration of multiple and with different dimensions volumes.
                 5- Functioning without any loss of precision and accuracy, even in environments with critical lighting conditions.
                 6- Can be used outside under the direct sunlight (playing fields, athletics tracks, etc.).
                 7- Up to 80 analogue channels for the connection and synchronisation of signals from electromyographs with
                     analogue outputs, force platforms, sensor-fitted treadmills and cycle ergometers, haptic devices.
                 8- Natively integrated with all the BTS electromyographs, digital modular floor BTS P-6000, inertial sensor
                     BTS G-SENSOR and video systems BTS VIXTA.
                 9- Hardware and software accessories for the direct control of the system and integration with third party systems.