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Meeting the high demands of the healthcare sector.

The functional and unique design of GALLANT encompasses the healthcare sector’s requirements for a high standard of safety and hygiene for operational procedures.

The handle being positioned in front of the blade, allows the razor to smoothly glide over the skin, without need for any pressure and thus minimising the risk of cuts.


Perfect grip and full control

The ribbed GALLANT handle ensures a steady and efficient grip of the razor and furthermore, giving you a controlled view of the area being prepared.

The contour of the body

The GALLANT razor smoothly follows the natural contours of the body. The procedure therefore becomes safer and more efficient than traditional razors.

Rakning av arm

Quality ensures the results!

The razor blade is made of platinum coated Swedish quality stainless steel.

A slight fingertip pressure allows the high quality blade to smoothly shave close to the skin without creating skin irritations or cuts.



The GALLANT comb located close to the blade, is specially designed to keep a clean blade, without being clogged up by foam or hair.

The GALLANT razor works just as well with or without foam.


Safe handling

 To ensure that the razor, for hygienic reasons, can not be re-used, the blade part of the razor can be snapped

off and separated from the handle by a slight vertical pressure.

Isärplockad hyvel

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

The GALLANT razor is compact and conscious of natural resources. The plastic parts only weigh 3.63 grams and are fully recyclable.

The platinum plated blade weight is 0.28 gram.

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